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Architect's Daughter | Impact and Philosophy

If you have read our “About us” page, you get it in a nutshell. We are a company that offers sustainable and upscale products for a minimalistic lifestyle. As we said, that is in a nutshell, and there is seriously so so much more that we want to share with you about our branding and culture through our weekly blog post releases. So stay tuned!
Let it begin, our first blog post…
We figure there is no blog more fitting for our first, than that which addresses IMPACT. We bring up impact because it is truly so critical to our culture. The myriads of sustainable companies out there are truly in business because they want to make a positive climate impact. At the foundation of all of it comes awareness.
Awareness of how you can make a positive impact must come before your action of creating that impact. With this being said, it is Architect’s Daughter’s first and primary goal to create awareness. We hope that through our company’s branding and weekly blog posts, awareness of positive climate action will spread, unroll, and flourish.
The next step in creating positive climate impact is to take that action that is fueled by awareness. Again, there are a myriad of ways you can do this, and most everyone knows at least a couple that are relevant and applicable to their lifestyle, so we aren’t going to go over how it is better to bike than drive, because, quite frankly, we all know this.
But the issue of impact does come up when it comes down to what our business is doing and how it is represented on a larger scale. It is fairly argued that buying a metal straw will not save the planet, which we will happily agree to. However, to counter this, it is also very fair to argue that a plastic straw you used and threw into your garbage, went on a ship, got dumped into the ocean, and ended up in a turtle’s nose. See how this works?
To dig a little deeper, the issue of impact is also raised when it comes to the size and nature of your business. Most sustainable product retailers are relatively small in the grand scheme of things, and this does not negate their positive impact, but it will still fall far below that of say, solar or renewable energy companies etc. And again, we are not going to argue this, but only reiterate that awareness is our first goal. Let's re-visit the straw scenario for a brief moment... It is clear in this instance how awareness has been enormous horse-power to drive a cause for action to ban plastic straws publicly. Plastic straws are now banned in public restaurants in many countries across the globe, and replaced with non-harmful non-plastic alternatives. This is such a win for the planet, and the root cause for how it came to fruition is essentially awareness. It is also a domino effect, because now small countries are taking action to ban the sale of single-use plastics, which is going to be a a huge feat, but the effort and awareness that has driven society to these lengths is so important!
With all this being said, we want to change the mindset of how the average person in today’s society is thinking when it comes to the consumption of their goods, because awareness will lead to changes in mindset and behaviour. A simple example to put this into even more perspective is that a vegetarian does not neglect meat because they only like vegetables - they neglect meat because of their awareness about the meat industry and the implications it imposes.  
At Architect’s Daughter, we are paralleling this to unnecessary plastic applications and the simple quality alternatives that exist.
Our impact, no matter how large or small, will still be an impact, and most importantly our impact of awareness is the most near to our hearts.

Feel good about what you buy, knowing it is sustainably sourced, reusable, plastic-free, and high-end quality.


- Architect's Daughter

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