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beeswax candle Toronto
beeswax candle canada
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Natural Beeswax Candle

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A healthy candle so that you can truly relax

Beeswax candles are a great sustainable way to relax and enjoy a beautiful natural scent created by nature. Beeswax is said to cleanse the air and burns longer than conventional waxes making your candle healthier and longer lasting. 

With over 60,000 bees in the hives that create these candles, they are completely unrefined and sustainably made with beeswax only. There are no additives including no paraffin or fragrance. The only processing is the removal of debris and pollen done by the beekeeper herself.

These candles are made with the carefully extracted older comb that has become too small and built up for the bees. It is taken out in parts and never all at once. 

Our candles are handmade with Ontario harvested beeswax, supporting beekeepers of Ontario, Canada. The bees are surrounded by beautiful gardens to pollinate and contribute to a healthy green ecosystem. 

Care Tips: Always trim your wick to an inch or less. 

Size: Pillar: 2.25" x 5.25"; Cable Knit: 2" x 2.75"

This product is 100% plastic free and biodegradable

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