About Us

About Us

Architect's Daughter started as a young professional in the working field, realizing the disastrous implications of plastic and the copious amounts used daily in our society.

With a background in environmental studies, our founder wanted to create a purposeful business, that not only profits the environment but provides quality goods that can be responsibly purchased without contributing to the ever-growing toxic pollution epidemic we are currently facing.

With this, our first and utmost goal is to demonstrate to consumers that sustainability and plastic free items are high class. Not to mention, while browsing our products you will notice that we created a focus to match sustainability with functionality and fashion, because the products you buy are part of what defines you!

While we strive to remain completely plastic free, we are still learning the "ins and outs" of this abundant material, and do disclose where items may contain small amounts of the substance. But please don't fret! We are determined to become 100% plastic free sooner than later and we clearly disclose where our very few items do contain plastic.

Ultimately, we are here to provide upscale pieces that will compliment or kick off an every day minimalistic and quality driven life.