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Architect's Daughter

Agave Soap Bag | Exfoliator

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No more slippery soap!

Bar soap is fantastic due to its plastic free nature, however, we all know that those suckers tend to slip and slide out of our hands and don't even get us started on when they become those small, impossible to hold pieces! 

Thankfully, this 100% plant based agave woven soap bag alleviates this problem! An all natural medium-soft body scrubber that holds your soap to boot! What's more is that because it holds your soap (and all those annoying tiny pieces) till the very end of its use, this soap bag actually extends the life of your soap by ensuring you are able to use every last bit!

Use: intended for daily washing and exfoliation. Place soap bar / scraps in bag, wet bag, wash body. Hang bag (with soap) to dry in well aerated space when not in use. 

Ideally used with natural handmade soaps. 

Dimensions: 5" x 4"

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This product is 100% plastic free and biodegradable

Note: As a 100% naturally derived material, agave must remain as dry as possible between uses for best care practice. Replace every 2-4 months or sanitize bag by washing in washing machine or top rack of dishwasher, or by dipping in vinegar or boiling water. The soap bag does not come with the wood bead as depicted in photos.