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bamboo dish brush
bamboo dish brush
bamboo dish brush
No Tox Life

Bamboo Dish Brush

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Make a difference by refusing to use plastic scrubbers that release micro plastics into the environment.

A stylish and modern alternative to your conventional plastic scrubber. This dish brush consists of a removable head with agave plant based fibre bristles and a sustainably sourced antibacterial moso bamboo handle (and head). Hang to dry. Avoid leaving in wet environment as precaution to not damage wood. Refrain from applying undue pressure to the handle.

This product is best used with our plastic free No Tox Life Dish Wash Block

Head can be replaced click here

Dimensions: 9"L x 4.5cm diameter head

This product is 100% plastic free and biodegradable / recyclable

Once worn out, the bamboo and agave parts can be composted or buried in the garden and the silver metal parts can be recycled.

The handle and replacement head are made of Moso bamboo, known as the giant bamboo or timber bamboo, a fast-growing grass that has been used for centuries to fashion buildings, flooring and culinary tools. The young shoots are often prepared into asian dishes. This type of bamboo is not the same species that is eaten by giant pandas. FSC certified by TÜV SÜD Czech, Prague.

Avoid cracking by keeping the bamboo parts dry. Avoid soaking in water for long periods of time. Avoid applying undue pressure to the handle. 

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