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Architect's Daughter

Large French | Reclaimed Wood Compost Box

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$130.00 CAD

Throw your daily food scraps into this beauty. 

Double the size, for the larger family. 

Vogue and sophisticated. Conveniently on your counter. 

Made from salvaged log driver wood, and a washable removable stainless steel food grade container, you could not get more sustainable than this product. Attractive to have on your kitchen counter as a daily food scraps collector until the end of your day or week when you can throw them into your municipal bin. Easily washable with no smell. Accessible (no bending down to find your bin), convenient and modern. We hope this will encourage you to compost!

The log driver wood used to make these specific boxes never made it to the mill and was salvaged from Tee Lake in Quebec, Canada. These boxes are made of a variety of woods including Spruce, White Pine, Tamarack, and Hemlock. No box is specifically distinguished as one type of wood due to the salvaged nature of this wood and the similar colouration of the species. 

Approximate dimensions: 11.25"Lx6.25"Tx7"W

Care: Leave as is or apply mineral oil/beeswax to enhance natural beauty of wood. Mineral oil/beeswax is non-toxic.

Click here for smaller size variety. 

This product is handmade in Canada. One of a kind. No big brand names.

This product is 100% plastic free and recyclable / biodegradable

NOTE: A portion of this product is made of reclaimed wood. Please note there are irregularities in this product that give it it's unique and one of a kind character.