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beeswax wraps canada
beeswax wraps canada
beeswax wraps canada
Bürstenhaus Redecker

Meadow Beeswax Wrap

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The beautiful floral meadow pattern on these wraps will have you staring at them for days. 

An innovative modern day upgrade to plastic wrap.

Use beeswax wrap next time you pack your lunch or cover leftovers. Not only is this product reducing plastic use, these wraps are completely reusable! By simply holding in your hand, the warmth of your skin will naturally warm the wax to mold and seal any surface it is being adhered to. Avoid using on meat and animal products. 

Made from organic cotton, beeswax (sourced from monitored organic beekeeping), organic jojoba oil, tree resin. 

Handade in Germany 

Size: S 15x15 cm; M 25x25 cm; L 35x35 cm

This product is 100% plastic free and biodegradable

Care: clean with cold water and mild dish liquid.

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