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Architect's Daughter

Ramie Bath Pouf

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$9.00 CAD

Natural ramie fiber and a cotton string!

Make the switch to plastic free bath poufs! Ramie fiber is a sustainable renewable resource that is naturally bacteria and mould resistant. An added bonus is that it grows quickly and requires no herbicides or pesticides to grow efficiently! Ramie fibres are known to be ideal for light daily skin exfoliation providing your body with an overall glow. After all, why would we want to rub plastic all over our bodies? 

Conventionally used plastic bath poufs are unfortunately contributing to the trillions of microplastics found in our waterways and oceans today. Microplastics are a huge problem for our environment as they are very small, hard to manage, and end up in all levels of our ecosystems. 

Dimensions: 6" pouf

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This products is 100% plastic free and biodegradable