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Buddha Bowls

Reclaimed Coconut Bowls

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From the up-cycled shell of a coconut, these bowls are a great plastic free alternative to your average unbreakable dishware. With a modern tropical touch, they can accessorize your kitchen, bathroom, mudroom, or wherever they fit best.

Our coconut bowls are handmade from 100% real reclaimed coconut shells. Once the water, oil, and flesh is extracted from billions of coconuts a year, the shell is considered waste and is most often discarded or burned. Unfortunately, this unsustainable practice emits substantial amounts of CO2 and methane into the atmosphere and adds unnecessary valuable volume to landfill.

By purchasing your reclaimed and rescued coconut bowl, you are contributing to a sustainable cause which also contributes to reducing plastic use. Each rescued bowl is hand polished with coconut oil only. No toxic chemicals.

Dimensions:  Diameter average 15cm - 16.5cm; Depth 5cm - 6cm; Suitable for hearty breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. 

Care: polish bowl with coconut oil to your preference to restore shine and smoothness. Recommended every ~10 washes to re-hydrate coconut shell.

This product is 100% plastic free and biodegradable

Popular use: smoothie bowls.  

Due to the manufacture process of this natural material, the dimensions range from bowl to bowl and may not be the exact measurements depicted above. It is recommended to not soak in liquid for too long. Avoid keeping in refrigerator or using in microwave, oven, or dishwasher. Do not expose to extreme heat.