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Architect's Daughter

Reclaimed Wood Soap Base

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Designed to Impress. 

Place your soap block on this quadruple coloured handmade wooden soap base made of North American reclaimed wood. Designed with functionality in mind, this soap dish has been carefully crafted and angled to minimize the surface area in contact with your soap whilst providing adequate drainage with its wide channels in order to keep your soap dry and muck free. For these reasons alone, soap bases are a great way to extend the life and use of your soap block while adding some modern style to your washroom/kitchen. 

The reclaimed wood used on this soap base are hickory, maple, and cedar. 

This product is ethically designed and handmade in the USA.

Dimensions: 3.125" x 3.75" x 3/4"

Care: Ensure soap base is placed in a well aerated area. 

Best used with our bottle free Dish Soap Block , Face Wash Block, Shampoo & Conditioner Bars